Culvert Installation & Maintenance in Birmingham, AL

Need dependable culvert installation, draining, jetting, clearing, and maintenance services in Birmingham, Alabama? Culvert Contractors offers reliable services based on your specific needs.

If you require services for an existing culvert or the installation of a new system, we can give you the solutions you need to help you get the most from your culverts.

Culvert Clearing in Birmingham and Other Maintenance Services

It’s important for property owners to keep their culverts in good shape through routine maintenance. Otherwise, issues such as clogging and erosion will develop and cause serious damage to these systems. These problems make it necessary to service your culverts as soon as possible if you notice any backup or other minor issues before they have the chance to worsen.

Following long periods of use and flooding, debris, dirt, wood, and other debris will begin to form blockage in the front of culverts, disrupting regular water flow. Not only can this cause wear to your culverts, but it could also redirect water to other areas around the culvert. This may contaminate other water sources or cause flooding in surrounding areas that leads to extensive property damage.

As soon as you require culvert maintenance services in Birmingham, Alabama, reach out to the experts at Culvert Contractors. We offer dependable cleaning, jetting, and clearing services that will keep your culvert in peak condition.

Culvert Repairs in Birmingham, AL

If you require culvert repairs in Birmingham, we have the resources and expertise needed to help fully restore your culvert, including your culvert’s walls and other components. Again, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Instead, contact professionals who can get your culvert back in working order before the damage gets too extensive and requires a complete replacement.

In the event that too much wear and tear develops, we can provide culvert replacement services in Birmingham with a completely new installation.

Culvert Installation in Birmingham

Need a new culvert system installed on your property? We can provide culvert installation using the most reliable materials. We’ll work closely with you to design an installation that’s compatible with your property and built to last.

Based on the different factors involved in the project, we’ll put together an accurate quote and help ensure you stay within your available budget. We can then visit your location to get a better understanding of what the project will entail and prepare our approach.

Once we receive a permit, we can then order the necessary supplies and get started on the installation. In accordance with local regulations and in the right weather conditions, we’ll begin the installation process. Throughout the project, you’ll know exactly what to expect with the final results as we work to keep the project both efficient and affordable. After initial installation, we’ll also grade the property and use the correct soil to facilitate proper drainage.

Upon completing the installation, you’ll benefit from a high-quality culvert that serves your property for many years.

Birmingham Culvert FAQs

Culverts help divert water away from areas where flooding can cause serious damage or contaminate other water sources. They typically transfer water from one side of a roadway to the other.

The longevity of a culvert depends on the materials used, the elements that cause wear and tear, and the overall quality of the installation. However, the typical lifespan for a culvert is around 25 to 50 years.

There are several materials that culverts could consist of, with some of the most common being concrete, PVC, steel, and aluminum.

There are five main types of culverts that you can install for a property: pipe culverts, pipe arch culverts, box culverts, bridge culverts, and arch culverts.

Pipe culverts are round and consist of single or multiple pipes, and they’re used for larger water flows. Pipe arch culverts feature a half-pipe or arch structure and also work well with large water flows, but they require consistent stability of flow. Box culverts are rectangular and allow for the diversion of rainwater. Arch culverts function like pipe arch culverts, but they feature complete concrete flooring that arch culverts lack, facilitating more efficient flow. Bridge culverts are built for bridges to allow rivers or canals to travel below while vehicles cross a bridge above.

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